The Melodology Podcast with Arthur Breur

“Celebrating the Unsung Excellence of Melody Makers!”

Each episode host composer Arthur Breur and a guest explore and examine beloved melodies from a variety of sources: popular songs, musicals, operas, classical music, hymns and liturgy, film and television scores and more.


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Two videos coming soon!

Video for Episode 2 with Garrett Hope will be coming Friday, February 18th, viewable by our Patreon patrons!Video for Episode 1 with Christina Rusnak will take a little bit longer. This is because we didn't capture the screen correctly while we were viewing the notes...

Episode 4 Heads Up

For episode four, I was very excited to have Dale Trumbore as our guest composer. Dale is an amazing person all around. Not only is she a brilliant composer—and her choral arrangements are stellar—but she's also a prolific author of articles AND a book, Staying...