About the Melodology Podcast

“Musical nerdy nonsense!”

Steven Shomler, writer, podcaster, life-story alchemist

This is the podcast for celebrating melodies and the talented, skilled people who create them.

In the regular episodes, host composer Arthur Breur and a guest explore and examine beloved melodies from a variety of sources: popular songs, musicals, operas, classical music, hymns and liturgy, film and television scores, and more. (Special episodes include straight-up interviews, such as the interview with the Star Trek Strange New Worlds musical episode, “Subspace Rhapsody” songwriters, Kay Hanley, and Tom Polce.

Here’s the idea behind the podcast: Melodies are magical. They catch our attention, stick in our minds, and have their own distinct feeling or “flavor”, as Arthur calls it. So with that in mind, each guest composer/songwriter suggests a melody that inspires them, and they and Arthur examine the melody together, using their knowledge of music theory and composition. The guests also get to share about their background and what is happening for them currently or in the future.

The podcast’s guests include composers and songwriters of all stripes and with a wide variety of experience and styles: from purely classical composers of art music to quirky pop songwriters, from emerging composers to lifelong industry veterans.

Podcast host Arthur Breur strives to make every episode interesting and fun, even for listeners who do not have any education or experience in music. If an advanced music term arises in the conversation, Arthur tries to pause the conversation long enough to explain the term, so even non-musicians feel included.

Arthur Breur, Melodoloyg Podcast Host

Arthur Breur, host of the Melodology Podcast