Release Date: May 13, 2022

Composer Tony Manfredonia joins podcast host Arthur Breur to examine the melody of the brilliant Star Wars “Force Theme”, by John Williams. Tony also shares his main theme to the game “Call of Saregnar”, and he and Arthur discuss and examine that theme as well.

The music shared for “The Force Theme” in this episode uses a French horn part, and is displayed and discussed a 5th up from the concert pitches in the audio.

“The Force Theme” by John Williams.

Duration: 1:08:30

  • Intro and guest questions – 0:00
  • Pre-discussion about “The Force Theme” – 7:20
  • Review of the melody – 14:25
  • Tony shares his main theme to “The Call of Saregnar” – 47:58

Guest Composer: Tony Manfredonia

Recorded: April 1, 2022 using Riverside.FM

Musical score for reference created using FREE Musescore software:

Video of musical score for reference created using Musescore Online:

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