Release Date: April 15, 2022

Composer Kimberly Osberg joins podcast host Arthur Breur to examine the melody of “Londonderry Air”, more commonly known as “Danny Boy”. Along the way, they discuss scores to quirky films, composing music to stage combat, putting recipes to music. and MUCH more.

“Londonderry Air” (“Danny Boy”) – traditional

Duration: 1:23:58

  • Intro and guest questions – 0:00
  • Pre-discussion about “Danny Boy” – 16:00
  • Review of the melody – 20:45
  • Kim shares her work and updates – 1:11:26

Guest Composer: Kimberly Osberg

Recorded: February 11, 2022 using Riverside.FM

Musical score for reference created using FREE Musescore software:

Video of musical score for reference created using Musescore Online: