Release Date: February 28, 2022

New Zealand composer Matthew Beardsworth joins podcast host Arthur Breur to discuss just the main theme from the “Raiders March”, and to talk about how Matthew reconsidered and reconstructed a theme in one of his own works, an alternate musical score to the short film Sintel.

“Raiders March”, main theme, from Raiders of the Lost Ark. Music by John Williams

Duration: 54:26

  • Intro and Guest Questions – 0:00
  • Pre-discussion about “Raiders March” – 10:19
  • Review of the melody – 12:56
  • Matthew shares about his melodies for Sintel – 38:14

Guest: Matthew Beardsworth

Recorded: January 24, 2022 using Riverside.FM

Musical score for reference created using FREE Musescore software:

Video of musical score for reference created using Musescore Online: