Release Date: July 18, 2023

Haakon Davidsen, award-nominated composer for video games, film & TV, joins podcast host Arthur Breur to explore and celebrate the amazing “Batman Theme” from the film “Batman”, 1989, composed by the legendary Danny Elfman.

Melody: “Batman Theme” from the film “Batman”, 1989.

Composer / Songwriter: Danny Elfman

Duration: 1:16:29

  • Intro and guest questions – 0:00
  • Pre-discussion about “Batman Theme” – 18:40
  • Review of the melody – 22:02
  • Haakon shares – 1:01:29

Guest Composer: Haakon Davidsen

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Recorded: November 25, 2022 using Riverside.FM https://Riverside.FM 

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